September 26, 2018

A word for England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, & Ireland released at River Church on Sept 26th 2018.

March 7, 2016

What are the Ides of March? On the Roman calendar, dates were marked by their lunar phase using three markers: Kalends (Kal), Nones (Non) and Ides (Id). The first phase of the moon ,the new moon, was denoted by Kalends and signified the first day of the month; the firs...

March 4, 2016


Every four years the nation prepares to unite around a political candidate. During this season, it seems that there is an increase in division among believers.  Divisions and schisms among believers is nothing new. Paul recognized this with the church at Corinth. (1Co...

October 12, 2015

I join Ryan LeStrange on the Power 4 Today broadcast for part II of the message on unraveling the mystery of dreams. Click the video below to watch on God TV.




October 9, 2015

In this message I talk about the "fires" that we go through as believers.  Some fires are from the Lord others are not. Discover two areas of attack that are targets for the enemy. Can you Discern the Burn?  This message was preached at Impact Revival Center in Ro...

September 23, 2015



"Look for God to remove things you thought were secure, things that were actually built on self-promotion and not true servanthood. "Kingdom connections," ministries, and relationships in your life that are more about themselves than having a mutual advancement of th...

August 4, 2015

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I hear the sound of wine skins whining (bursting). This is the agitation that's going on in this hour, many are trying to receive the new wine of awakening through the wineskin of  tradition. This is causing a frustration and agitat...

August 4, 2015

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I believe there have been those that have felt as if they were swinging and swaying back and forth in this past season, feeling as if they were tossed to and fro. This was not a wind of doctrine causing the sway; it was the pro...

July 23, 2015

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Leviticus 16:11-13

11 And Aaron shall bring his sin offering bull, and shall [initiate] atonement for himself and for his household, and he shall [then] slaughter his sin offering bull. 
12 And he shall take a pan...

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September 26, 2018

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