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"They that sow in tears shall reap in joy."

Psalm 126:5

I believe one of the most overlooked keys to revival in this hour is the seed of tears. Could part of the dryness and depression we see in the land today be a result of the dryness of our hearts? The prophet Jeremiah had seen it all. He saw a city destroyed, the people cut off, and a nation broken. He warned the people not with an arrogant and prideful heart but with a broken heart and a contrite spirit. (Ps. 51:17) In this day when the love of many is waxing colder and colder we must have a fire of God come upon our hearts and move us with a compassion for those that are away from the Lord and those that are in a place of compromise.

The word was in Jeremiah like a fire but it came out of him like a river of tears. He had positioned himself in a place of prayer where tears would not cease until the Lord would look down from heaven and see. (Lam.3:49-50) I would encourage you to let this be our posture in the prayer closets. The outpouring we desire in Joel 2:28 with the Spirit of God poured out on all flesh comes after Joel 2:17 when the priests who minister to the Lord are once again weeping between the porch and the altar. We must remember that God is not mocked whatever a man sows that shall he also reap.(Gal. 6:17) We have this promise in the psalms that what is sown in tears will be reaped in joy. As we sow the seed of tears for the lost and the complacent the Lord of the harvest will see and record our tears (Ps. 56:8) and then release laborers of His love to reap the harvest of souls with joy. The greatest weepers will become the greatest reapers in this hour.

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