The mission of All True Ministries is to serve war veterans and their families, post 9/11. We appreciate the huge sacrifice our servicemen and women have made and are concerned for their wellbeing. Since 9/11, so many families have suffered greatly with loss of life, as well as physical and emotional scars.

The needs are many and the wounds are deep. The Lord put it on our hearts to prepare a house for healing and restoration; a place where the Holy Spirit is welcome and people encounter Jesus. A place where those who serve are served.

All True Ministries’ program is divided into two phases:

Phase I reaches out to the women; wives, mothers, family members, etc. The goal is to restore peace to their lives and homes by providing an atmosphere for spiritual healing and by training in successful life principles and skills. As women are strengthened, so are the men and children that they love.

Phase II reaches out to the men; providing an environment for healing and freedom. Trade skills will be taught to restore purpose and produce job opportunities. Successful life principles will round out the teaching to establish wellness of mind, body, and spirit; turning wounded warriors into Reborn Warriors!