2015 was the year of the whirlwind! On the Hebrew calendar it was the year 5775. The symbols are Ayin (7) which means to see and Hey (5) which means wind or breath. Year 5775 (our 2015) was a year marked by the wind and the breath of God. It was a time to see the wind.

"Awake, O north wind, and come, O south wind! Blow upon my garden, that its spices may flow out. Let my beloved come to his garden, and eat its choicest fruits" (Song 4:16).

The mighty north wind has come, releasing the fragrance of heaven in the lives of many in 2015!

Many were caught up in the whirlwind. Why was the wind significant? A strong wind has the power to move and shift things that were fixed. There were many who entered 2015 with prophetic promises but they seemed to be stuck. As the mighty whirlwind blew, things were dramatically shifted, released and moved.

Many people experienced a variety of winds:

1. The winds of adversity. Some experienced adverse winds that brought extreme testing. You can breathe a sigh of relief now; you made it! You are still standing. The enemy tried hard to shake you with adverse winds but you remained steadfast.

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