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Every four years the nation prepares to unite around a political candidate. During this season, it seems that there is an increase in division among believers. Divisions and schisms among believers is nothing new. Paul recognized this with the church at Corinth. (1Cor.11:18) However, could there be a spiritual force at work that many believers are falling prey to? Is there a political spirit that partners with our uncrucified flesh to cause criticisms, slanders, and backbitings among our brothers and sisters? The tactic of the enemy is always to divide. (2 Cor. 2:11) We as believers must be on guard and quick to recognize this tactic and not give in to its strategy. We must put forth the diligence to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. This is accomplished by forbearing one another in love. (Eph.4:1-5) It’s time to examine ourselves in this political season. (2Cor.13:5) Let’s not exchange our prophetic spirit for a political one.

The political spirit debates vs disciples.

Debates create atmospheres of contention which lead to envy and strife. The scriptures say that the presence of envy and strife opens the door for every evil work. In this atmosphere, we end up bashing our brothers and sisters instead of building them up. We are called to make disciples, not debaters. (2Tim.2:2) (Jas.3:16)(Mt.28:19)

The political spirit campaigns for position vs from position of completeness in Christ.

While candidates may be jockeying for position and influence we as believers don’t have to. We need to realize we have already been accepted in the beloved, we are already complete in Christ, and have been blessed with every spiritual blessing.

(Eph.1:3) (Eph.1:6) (Col.2:10)

The political spirit seeks the will of the people vs the will of God.

The political spirit yields itself to the will of the people in order to gain favor and honor from them. As believers, we are to yield to Holy Spirit and His promptings, not quenching the flow of His workings. Like Jeremiah, we are not to be afraid of their faces, but speak forth what the Lord is saying. (Jer.1:8) (1Thess.5:19)(Rom.12:2)

The political spirit defines itself by its labels vs love.

The candidates like to wave the banner of whatever party they are from. As believers, we like to wave the banner of whatever denomination we are in and promote ourselves by our differences. We tend to identify ourselves as Republican, Democrat, or Independent instead of being defined by our calling: Sons and Daughters, a royal priesthood, and dependent upon the Lord. The scriptures inform us that our love for one another would allow the world to recognize that we are disciples of Jesus. There is only one banner we should be lifting high (Jehovah Nissi -JESUS), and we should be promoting HIS kingdom.

(Ex.17:15) (Eph.1:5)(Jn.13:35)(Jn.15:5)(1Pet.2:9)

The political spirit seizes vs sow’s.

Samuel warned the children of Israel about the behavior of the king that would rule over them. He said the king would take the following: sons, daughters, the best of the fields, the servants, the grain, and the sheep and use them for his work. Instead of sowing wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in the lives of the sons, daughters, and servants to advance the Lord’s kingdom, the political spirit will seize them to advance its own kingdom. (1Sam.8:11-18)

The political spirit will attempt to abort anything that threatens its dominion.

Herod knew of the prophecies of a coming Messiah that would one day setup his kingdom and liberate the people. THIS Kingdom would have no end. Out of hatred, Herod sent out a decree that all children 2 years and younger must be slain. The political spirit will speak out decrees that will instill fear and cause believers to abort their assignments of seeing Jesus birthed in their lives and regions. This spirit especially, but not exclusively, targets new ministries or churches that are in their infancy stages and early stages of formation. (Isa.9:7)(Mt.2:16)

The political spirit will seek alignment with the prophetic.

The political spirit will want to walk with the prophetic to pacify the expectations of the people. After Saul disobeyed the Lord, he requested that Samuel stay with him and go before the elders of Israel so that the people would be appeased. Saul maintained his approval with the people, but lost it with the Lord. He wanted the people to think he still had it all together. He was preaching a kingdom, but it was the wrong kingdom. He wanted to align himself with someone that was in obedience and right standing with the Lord to cover his own rejection and rebellion. The political spirit will attempt to align itself with the prophetic mantle to mask its own agenda and rebellion. It will appear to be right publicly, but privately it has lost the kingdom. (1Sam.15:24-26)

Let’s recognize this spirit , repent from its influence, lay down our campaigns, and pick up our crosses and advance the kingdom .

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